Sunday, March 21, 2010

Time for Adults

I've had a few sittings recently with the young at heart. The first was with my parish priest, every week when I went to church I was bothered by the photo of him posted in the hallway. The white balance was way off & it was overexposed. I thought he deserved a better photo for all to see, so I gently approached him about retaking his portrait. To say he was thrilled was an understatement, it seems he didn't like that photo either. So one day last month we got together & got some great shots for him. We had to contend with the snow that day, surprise, surprise, but we had a lot of fun, now Fr. G has to choose his favorite for the hallway.

The second sitting was a just a few weeks ago, I had the privledge of photographing one of my favorite teachers grown children. Donna taught several of my Advanced Life Support classes and helped me on my path to becoming the paramedic I am today. Thanks Donna! It was a pleasure meeting your "kids" and a real joy to work with them. Below are some of my favorite shots from these sittings. Enjoy!