Thursday, August 30, 2007

Last But Not Least....

My Gorgeous Nephew Nick, (the"baby") of the family is entering his senior year & since Auntie Dottie was in Vegas... we got together & took his senior pics! He's such a sweetie!!!! I can't believe he's all grown up! So YES, I've been quite busy! Newsletter is on it's way soon PDF file service has been down for awhile but all seems to be back on track now. Keep those referrals coming! Peace! Dottie

Part 2

Van & Bailey....

Hot Hot Hot!!!!! This couple nearly set my camera on fire... what a fun couple to shoot... We went to the Barboursville Ruins and just had a ball. Look for more from them in the future, I have a feeling that it's going to be a symbiotic relationship between V&B & my camera!


Yep, I've been a slacker here. Been quite busy shooting, that's a good thing. Managed to fit a vacation in, watched my brother graduate from Le Cordon Bleu School, (can we say a YUMMY reception) and so today I'll try to hit the highlights and post a few pics to update one & all on all the late breaking news. First we have Jen & Mike's Engagement shoot... what a sweet couple! Wedding coming up this weekend so you won't have to wait too long to see the wedding pics! Here are a few of the shots from that shoot, we went to the lawn, the weather cooperated and the results were fabulous!

Next, I had an impromptu session with a coworker's fantastic "Three Musketeers" the best kind of session if you ask me. The kids were totally unaware that I was going to show up, they'd been swimming at the pool with their Granny all day so they had that nice mellow sunglo/ tranquil effect going. We had a great time, pulled Dad's bright yellow jeep into the back yard & had a ball. Dustin, Julia & Seth , you've been "Candidly" captured! :)

That's all for now.... Candidly, Dottie

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

And the winner is.....

Man oh man it was a close race. It went back and forth between Christian and Nathan several times over the past two weeks. Courtney and Scott were clever and got their own votes in for Christian, I never said otherwise, but in the end Nathan got a few more votes. It was fun! Chris & Rachel give me a call to claim your prize. :)

Nathan your winner is: Shannon Gavin
Christian your winner is: Paula Kirby

Congrats to all!